Selection of makes and models recommended by IS2:

Barcode scanners datalogiclogo 75 PM8300 pm8300dk 100x100 Industrial RF scanner without keyboard


PM8300DK Industrial RF scanner with keyboard
Skorpio skorpio-gun 100x100 Windows CE-Wifi mobile terminal logopdf
Kyman kyman 100x100 Windows CE-Wifi mobile terminal logopdf
Barcode scanners ATEX exteclogo 75 Ex-Dragon M101 dragon-d101 100x100 Scanner RF ATEX logopdf
Touch screen elologo elo1939l 100x100 Surface-mounted industrial touch screen logopdf
elo1928l 100x100 Flush-type industrial touch screen logopdf
logobeckhoff 75 Economy Panel PC logopdf
Touch screen ATEX exteclogo 75 extec_rm519 100x100 Industrial touch screen ATEX logopdf
Industrial PC logobeckhoff 75 beckhoff7203 100x100 Touch screen + industrial PC logopdf
Remote IO acquisition logoadvantech 75 ADAM-6051 adam-6051_b 640x480 100x100 12 logic inputs, Ethernet port logopdf
ADAM-6017 8 analog inputs (V-mA), Ethernet port logopdf
ADAM-6066 8 relay outputs logopdf
ADAM-6520 Switch 5 Ethernet ports logopdf

logois2 50

BWU-03 bwu-03 - mc 100x100 Dynamic weighing system for a conveyor belt

logois2 50

HP-25W hp25w 100x100 Steinless loudspeaker IP65 25 W for PC