Assistance and peoductiontraceability

Global processing of all the production information flows is an essential part of modern industry.  High-level data processing must be directly linked to the field data. Real-time information, visibility everywhere and at all levels are the key to mastering industrial processes.  IS2 specializes in this approach.

Within a single software solution IS2 can integrate production constraints, organise server and centralised database architecture and offer wide access to the information through deployed software applications.


assistance and production traceability solutions

At the heart of production ....

  • Communication with automatic device control systems (PLC),
  • Direct utilisation of electrical or computer measurements from specialised interfaces (weight, temperature, O², etc. ...)
  • Identification of materials, equipment and tools (barcodes, RFID, etc. ...),
  • Communication with supervision software (HMI: InTouch, RsView, etc. ...),
  • Custom software design according to operator constraints and profiles,
  • Implementation of appropriate data processing equipment (IP65, touch screens, etc. ...)

At the pinnacle of data processing ....

  • Microsoft SQL server database,
  • Virtualised servers,
  • ERP platforms (SAP, Generix, etc. ...).

Close to requirements...

  • Deployed software applications that can be accessed from anywhere (IntraNet, ExtraNet)
  • Export (Excel, MS Project, Outlook, etc. ...)