Packaging flow and inventory management

The information flows generated by each component of production need to be integrated into overall management. Each component, from packaging to storage, has to be able to communicate with integrated management packages called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The technical characteristics of the tools used and the special features of each type of activity may make it difficult to optimize integration.  Thanks to its two-pronged experience IS2 can support its customers during the analysis and propose appropriate solutions.

packaging flow and inventory management solution

Production and packaging:

Data such as sampling rate management, production rate checking, reject counts, consumables counts, line printer management and operator information exchange can all be processed using software developed by IS2.

Finished product and inventory flows:

Finished product movements and stock in and out need to be synchronised with the databases.  IS2 develops appropriate applications for such environments: applications on electronic office or industrial workstations, mobile applications on terminals fitted with barcode scanners, etc.

ERP platforms:

As part of its global approach IS2 can interface all peripheral applications with an integrated management package.  File exchanges or direct database access can be specified in close cooperation between IS2 and the ERP package integrator.