Process acquisition and control

Although each industrial environment has its own characteristics, similar techniques can be used.  The operator interfaces, means of communication and data processing are all areas where IS2 has achieved mastery. Specific solutions can be created if necessary: outdoor touch screens, ATEX equipment, optical fibre transmission, and so on, ...

process acquisition and control

Vehicle access control:

IS2 offers solutions for access code checking, incoming and outgoing weight checking, exchanges with enterprise data processing management, barrier opening and closing power commands, docket printing, etc....

Industrial data processing process management:

Despite the power of the latest automatic devices, the personal computer is still the ideal tool for complex mathematical processing, managing large data volumes and sharing information across corporate networks.  An IS2 software application can be linked to specific weighing or sequential processing components to form a homogeneous production system..

Industrial wastewater monitoring:

Discharge permits generally require continuous recording and storage of various measurements: temperature, pH, flow rate, conductivity, and so forth. IS2 can provide a global solution integrating signal acquisition, local or remote archiving, alarm threshold detection and periodical report generation.