What is IS2?

What is IS2:

Since its formation in 1993, IS2 – Interface Soft Service SPRL has steered the course clearly mapped out by its original name:

Interface: IS2 sees itself as a bridge  linking environments, technologies and areas of expertise.

Soft: Data processing, and principally software design, is the only way to achieve current technological objectives.  IS2 has made that its centre of gravity.

Service: Human contact, supporting customers in new and sometimes uncharted territory, the closeness essential to an understanding of environments, a global approach integrating all the requirements, field exigencies, etc…. these are the things IS2 wants to offer its customers.

IS2 sets store by closeness:

Being on the spot is a priority for IS2. The software developers are involved in analysing the environment as well as in on-site commissioning.  Meeting operators on the ground, sharing their experience and dealing with industrial constraints help IS2 programmers to come up with solutions that are appropriate and acceptable to all the players involved.

IS2 operates in Europe, North America and South America.  Initial contacts with Asia look promising.  Distance is no object: the IS2 teams regularly travel to the other side of the world to provide that same local service.  This is supplemented by remote computerised assistance, enabling us to respond promptly to industrial emergencies.

IS2 sets store by responsiveness:

To provide the reassurance of responsiveness, a team has to be pared-down and mobile.  Responsiveness goes hand in hand with closeness. Familiarity with our customers and their environment and the technical resources employed enable IS2 to respond very quickly and often to anticipate events.