Bridge between two worlds

bridge between two worlds - bonne version

IS2 lies at the centre of two quite separate data processing areas: management data processing and field data processing, both closely linked to industrial processes.

One foot in the world of industry:

With more than 15 years’ experience, IS2 has acquired mastery of the numerous communication options that are possible with measuring and production control equipment. The familiarity with user-friendliness and efficiency requirements enables IS2 to supply high-performance interfaces that operators enjoy using. As part of a global solution IS2 can supply equipment such as barcode readers, touch screens, etc., carefully selected to suit the particular circumstances.

The other foot among servers, networks and databases:

Nowadays, production data are closely linked to an information flow through all levels of an enterprise.  Real-time production data, analytical results, etc. must be available to managers at any time. Data from integrated management packages (ERP) must increasingly interact in real time with production tools.  To meet that need, IS2 designs software applications associated with these high-level data processing environments that communicate directly with the field interfaces.

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