Skills spread

A global vision of the project context, continuous cooperation between the participants, control of all the components, a long-term view… these are all factors that contribute to an optimum result.   This is the kind of support IS2 aims to provide to its customers.  From functional analysis to commissioning and on-site training, IS2 offers a global service.

skills spread

Application analysis:

As well as its data processing expertise, IS2 also shares operating experience. IS2 takes part in project definition by contributing its data processing solution knowledge.

Analysis and software design:

A team of computer engineers familiar with the different industrial environments liaises directly with the customers.

Supply of hardware:

The equipment associated with an application can be selected and supplied by IS2. From industrial touch screens to barcode scanners, including specific weighing or measuring equipment, IS2 can provide a range of fully mastered equipment to meet the requirements of its market.

On-site integration and commissioning:

This confrontation with reality is an essential step towards validation and, above all, successful project completion.  IS2 offers efficient solutions in Belgium and worldwide.

Continuous development, TAM contract (third-party application maintenance):

IS2’s long-term vision is expressed in the open-ended approach of its applications and by provision of a responsive support service to keep customers’ equipment in full working order.  IS2 endeavours to build true partnerships with its customers to support them in their industrial development.

Remote assistance solutions and remote maintenance can be provided for local or international applications.

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